Bringing Creativity & Ideas to Life

What We Do

What is Androidified?
We are a community of Android Developers focussed on

Being Efficient and Astonishing Support.

We firmly believe that a tree will sustain in winds and changing environment if roots were rightly holded in a firm base and we relate same thing for Android Development.

As no. of devices powered by Android are swelling, the need for high-quality Android Development becomes necessity. That's why, We presenting you our creations that are ready to challenge anyone on grounds of efficiency. Experience Androidified for once & take no time to meet for a coffee.


We are dedicated

Enthusiasm is characteristic of our developers. Keep walking and you will not feel tired.

We are creative

Creativity is not easy to define. Imagination and invention are ethics in our work.

We are supportive

Updates enhance experience and best experience motivates us. We always answer your calls.
Services at a Glance

What We Offers

Android Application for Website

We can help you to expand your reach from website to Massive Android Users.

Cloud Android Applications

Cloud linkage to manage data efficiently and make it available wherever you want in whatever format u like.

Animated Android Games

Small creative Android games which most people love to play. New Ideas baked to a virtualised real world.

Industry Specific Application

We can develop Android applications to automate tasks in industry and hence boosting efficiency and productivity.

Visually Younique Applications

Be eye catching and get attention. Draw your dreams on paper, we will cook them in our Android Labs.

E-commerce applications

Boost your buisness and push limits. E-commerce Web applications to take orders and track from checkout to Delivery.

How We Plan Our Work

Creative Process

  • 01
    the research & planning
    Before actually chalking out the plan on paper, we do a lots of research to deepen roots. Depict your requirements and we will decorate them for good.
  • 02
    implementation & design
    It's Playtime, from paper to APK, from drawings to XML. Implementations with Simple Approach and Clean Code. Designed for youniqueness and being dynamic.
  • 03
    testing, review & launch
    Transparent Scores to let you know how well we played. After processing all feedbacks and reviews to live above ur expectation, With all god grace, We will launch it on Play Store.
What We Offers

Pricing Details

"Up to Eludicate Android Development"


₹7000per month
  • 10 Activities
  • 20 Layouts
  • Max 2 updates/month
  • Unlimited Fragments
  • Free Logo Design
  • Highly efficient


₹12500per month
  • 20 Activities
  • 40 Layouts
  • Max 3 updates/month
  • Full Branding Identity
  • Free Logo Design
  • Highly Efficient


₹18000per month
  • 50 Activities
  • 100 Layouts
  • Max 7 updates/month
  • Full Branding Identity
  • Free Logo Design
  • Highly Efficient


Negotiable! Lets Discuss more with cups of coffee.